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Thanks, Jack… the Grandest Marshal of them all

I’m excited to announce that Jack Fultz, winner of the 1976 Boston Marathon and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, has accepted my invitation to be the Grand Marshal of the inaugural Super Sunday 5K/10K this weekend!

Read the Super Sunday press release…
New England Runners to Tackle Cancer before Sunday’s Big Game

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The weather was great for the run. Unfortunately, the fact that this was an innaugural race was never in doubt. While hearts were in the right place, this was a very poorly organized event. Huge lines everywhere (an hour wait at the pre-registration for the chips to show up? really?), a course that was not close to “precise”–a 10k is not 5.95 miles–deceit about prizes, and a swag bag that was very pathetic.

Thanks for trying, and I do hope this succeeds in future years, but you need more volunteers and more planning.
3 February 08 at 19:07
Thanks for organizing the race, great fun! When will the results be available online?
3 February 08 at 22:45
alain - boston, ma
Do you know that we had less than 4 weeks to organize this event?

Friday night’s pre-reg was late b/c the VOLUNTEER that was going to manage it canceled in the 11th hour. But you know it was not an hour unless you began waiting at 4:40 for something that started @ 5pm. I felt horrible and paid $40 out of my own pocket to two people that got parking tickets b/c of the delay. (and shame on the woman who let me pay for her ticket even though she was parked illegally in a commercial-only spot!)

You’re right, the course was probably short. Why don’t you come out and measure it three times… see if you get the same result. (see 4-feb post)

Deceit about prizes? When Dana-Farber rejected a $500 cash prize list, we instead gave away 250 tshirts and $400 worth of Legal Sea Foods gift certifcates. Where’s the deceit?

Swag bags included a bottle of vitaminwater, an issue of Boston magazine, a tooth brush from MetLife, a label and key-tag from, a tattoo from Harpoon, some Luna bars and a race tshirt for the first 250 runners.

All that plus free clam chowder & drinks after the race. What did you get at the last 5K/10K you ran?

You’re 100% right about needing more people. Including my team and I, we had 18 VOLUNTEERS + 11 police officers that we had to pay (minimum 4 hours.) Maybe next year you can help recruit a few volunteers?

Anyway, thanks for coming out and helping to support the battle against cancer.
4 February 08 at 19:20
Hey, I had a great time! Yes, it was the first year for the race with all that a first edition means. But, I tell you what. I plan to be there for the 2009 race. It was a great course, drinks and chowder. It was also a great cause.If the Pats had won it would have been, all in all, a great day. Alain, keep up the good work. Most people would have never have had the guts to try this!
4 February 08 at 22:42