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a cyclist who swears he'll someday run boston in under 3 hours.

Lights Out

I got to track practice @ MIT tonight but nobody was in the lobby. Instant first thought was “shit, i’m late.” Nope, right on time. Then noticed the lights were off upstairs so figured I screwed up dates and it’s tonight’s practice that is canceled, not next week’s.

Having rushed over from a meeting and psyched to test my legs, I wanted to run so meandered over to the outdoor track. While stretching, another BAA runner (John B.) arrived and told me there was a power outage at 5pm and practice had been canceled.

After a 2 mile warm-up, the legs started to feel a little better. Though still some lingering MTSS pain, it was not enough to cancel the workout. So John and I ran 1 mile in 5:39, rested 2 minutes and then ran another mile in 5:43. As long as the shin splint pain continues to dissipate, I expect to reach my PR goal of sub-18 at Jingle Bell on Sunday.

Tomorrow I’m helping with the Jingle Bell registration at Marathon Sports from 3-6:30, then running with Niketown @ 6:30, then having a Super Sunday race staff meeting at Globe at 8pm. Before all that, I gotta’ ride… damn bike’s been on the trainer in the middle of my living room since yesterday. Collecting dust.

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