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Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome – Shin Splints

I was so excited to run the Jolly Jaunt on Saturday morning… a 5K just a few blocks from home. But after running one block w/ my dog Libby, things weren’t looking too good.

Yeah, a blind monkey could’ve seen this one coming… OVERUSE INJURY! Last weekend’s 10.5 miler was too much too soon. (master of the obvious, ‘eh?) I ran poorly @ track practice on Tuesday (6×800…worst running workout ever) and felt pain for most of Wednesday’s 5.5 miles. “Wicked lower leg pain in the bone…” is how I described it to fellow Niketown runners; a few mentioned shin splints. Huh? Isn’t that in the muscle on the front outside of your lower leg… the one that flexes when you lift your toes off the ground? (tibialis anterior) I have pain in the bone!

Welcome to running, Mr. Biker Boy: there are a few kinds of shin splints, apparently now referred to as MTSS. The kind on that front muscle are anterior shin splints (why plural?) and then posterior shin splints are on the back. Press along the inside/back edge of your tibia and you’ll feel a muscle there. If it’s sore and/or bumpy to the touch, you probably have posterior shin splints like me. Since that muscle runs right on and behind the tibia, it feels like the bone aches. Here are some exercises; be careful though, you may also have a stress fracture.

After an hour on Google, I know everything about MTSS except whether I’m over it. 5 days of no running… hopefully enough rest to get me to track practice tomorrow night.

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