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20 Simple Ways to Prevent and Conquer Cancer.

Twenty years ago today, the Ides of March, I stood alone by my Dad’s side in a hospital room, holding his hand as cancer took his life. Jacques A. Ferry, age 59, died of Multiple Myeloma, a not-so-common cancer of the blood which will kill over 10,000 Americans this year. ┬áDespite the big number, it’s “not-so-common” because more than 550,000 Americans will die of cancer this year.

People occasionally ask me why I am so passionate about cancer causes. It started with Dad. But fourteen years later, a very close friend, British cycling champion Alaric Gayfer, lost his life to a brain tumor. And two years ago, my then-girlfriend’s Mom lost her brave battle against non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. And my heart aches over the realization that there will be more.

Here are 20 easy ways you can help battle this menace.

  1. Quit smoking, or help someone else quit… it’s never too late.
  2. Just say no to second hand smoke, it contains more than 50 cancer-causing chemicals.
  3. Check yourself monthly; self-screening for skin cancer, testicular cancer and breast cancer is quick, easy and just may save your life.
  4. Vote for candidates who support funding of embryonic stem-cell research.
  5. Toss out your scratched teflon pans; a connection to cancer may be unproven, but why risk it?
  6. Enjoy the sun responsibly; apply sun screen after 10 minutes to allow your body to soak in some vitamin D.
  7. Run, walk or volunteer at a cancer-charity running event; you’re preventing cancer and helping the fight at once.
  8. Exercise at least 3x/week; it flushes out your colon and rids your body of cancer-causing carcinogens.
  9. Consume whey protein after exercise; it speeds muscle recovery while stimulating production of cancer-fighting antioxidants.
  10. Obesity causes cancer, so maintain a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 19-24. Calculate BMI here
  11. Aim for a high fiber, low fat diet: more whole grains, fruits & veggies, less sugar, salt and fat.
  12. Start your day with a cup of coffee and some blueberries; both are linked to cancer prevention.
  13. Boost your immune system with foods rich in vitamin C: sweet peppers, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, guava and canteloupe.
  14. Favor whole grain breads, rice, pasta and cereals over their white, processed counterparts.
  15. Load up on dark, leafy greens like spinach, broccoli, kale and romaine lettuce.
  16. Go with the red sauce; tomatoes help reduce cervical, ovarian and prostate cancer.
  17. Garlic breath is healthy breath; eat it often, its ties to cancer prevention are strong and unchallenged.
  18. Reduce your intake of fatty foods such as meat (except fish) and dairy products like milk, eggs & cheese.
  19. Drink alcohol in moderation; it is linked to mouth, throat, liver and breast cancer.
  20. Donate $20 to a cancer charity… support Livestrong right now by donating online.
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