boston runner

a cyclist who swears he'll someday run boston in under 3 hours.

boston 2010 training has begun.

dare i say it after one measly week of three runs? hell yeah! last sunday i ran the jingle bell run 5k in a snowman costume (which was hard and counts for at least 4-5 miles.) then i ran 5 miles with the niketown crew on wednesday night. then yesterday, i returned to the brookline marathon sports’ weekly saturday morning run and threw down my longest run since the boston marathon: 7.2 miles. one week total: 15+ miles

okay, this kind of weekly mileage is probably child’s play for you, but it’s a big deal for a guy who’s only run 3-4 times since september… especially a guy whose legs don’t even hurt today. so i’m going out on a limb to declare that i vow to run at least twice per week through the end of february, then three times per week into april culminating with a SUB-FREAKIN’-3:00-BOSTON on april 19th!

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