boston runner

a cyclist who swears he'll someday run boston in under 3 hours.

running on my muffled mind.

november is here, which means i’m thinking about running again… and hopefully i’ll do more than just think about it within a week or two. and with the return to running comes my return to but a few things have changed since i last posted from arizona back in march…

for starters, i’ve now become quite the tweeter. it’s just so damn easy… micro-blogging. on top of that, i’ve launched a new start-up ( which keeps me busy a solid 25 hours per day. so as much as i love to speak my mind, you’ll be spared a bit for now.

so if there’s a soul who actually reads this site and wants to stay tuned, just follow me on twitter and you’ll get the daily dose. and hopefully there’s an easy way to feed twitter posts into the main blog area here… any suggestions?

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