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142 Miles – By The Numbers

Until today, the longest training ride I’d ever done was 112 miles. That was one month ago, my third day here in Tucson. That was a small group ride out to the top of Kitt Peak w/ Rebecca M., Adam M., Shawn M. and Dan V.

Well, I’ve now got a new record, one which I suspect will stand for much longer than a month.

Today’s ride by the numbers:

142 – length of today’s ride in miles
229 – length of today’s ride in kilometers
7:25 – total time in the saddle
19.2 – average speed of today’s ride
169.3 – weight immediately before today’s ride
155.8 – weight immediately after today’s ride
5,180 – total elevation gain in feet
91 – miles I rode with a group
51 – miles I rode alone
80 – minimum number of riders on today’s Shootout group ride
7 – other New Englanders on today’s Shootout
12 – minimum number of Canadians on today’s Shootout
20 – meters to go to the Shootout sprint sign when I ran outta’ gas
2 – riders (both Canadians) that beat me in the Shootout sprint
10 – riders that did the Madera Canyon extension
220 – calories in the Honey Bun I ate at mile 62
190 – calories in the pack of PowerBar Gel Blasts I ate at mile 102
220 – calories in the Honey Bun I ate at mile 112
112 – ounces of sports drink I consumed on today’s ride
54 – temperature (F) at the start of today’s ride
85 – temperature (F) at the end of today’s ride
8,904 – calories I burned according to

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