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a cyclist who swears he'll someday run boston in under 3 hours.

Gobble Gobble Gobble – I was the turkey

Nearly each time I’ve done a running race over the last few years, I’ve gotten faster, set a PR and was pleasantly surprised by my time.

Not so yesterday. 4 miles, 23:57. 6:00 pace. Huh? I could list reasons why a fast(er) time might have been unreasonable, but it doesn’t really matter. Bottom line: my run was a disappointment.

At least six times over the last year I’ve said to myself “okay, now it’s time to get serious and run more than 4-5 miles per week.” And yet there have been maybe four weeks where I’ve run more than once per week.

But that was until I felt like Tom the Turkey running into Davis Square. Now I’m pissed. Now I’m really gonna’ get serious.

10 miles on tap for tomorrow morning… the 3rd day I will run this week.

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