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Run, Bike, Run – sorta, kinda, not really

The BAA half-marathon was fun, but it was too much for my cyclist-joints. I’ve since had right hip pain identical to that which required surgery on the left hip this past January. Presumably another torn labrum. So rather than risk further aggravating it with running, I asked BAA-Half Masters Champ Greg Picklesimer if he’d be my teammate for the relay at the Wrentham Halloween Duathlon today. While we were looking forward to racing each other, Pickles was down with it so as long as we both got there on time, I liked our odds.

Greg finished running leg one (3 miles) in 15:53 with the fastest run1 split of all competitors. I finished the 11 mile TT in 24:43 with the fastest bike split of all competitors. And Greg finished running leg two (2 miles) in 10:17 with – yup – the fastest run2 split of all competitors.

Booyah! New course record: 52:03

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