boston runner

a cyclist who swears he'll someday run boston in under 3 hours.


lots of personal transitions taking place lately: relationship, career, home and cycling team. in the midst of all this, summer has ended and autumn is full-on in my face. october’s arrival typically means i drink beer & watch football on sundays, rather than race my bike. now that’s a fun transition.

and in the ‘not so fun’ transition dept., nearly 9 months out from hip surgery, it’s time to focus on running for a while. hanging out w/ real runners this summer taught me an eye-popping lesson: my weekly mileage (0-12) is a total joke. that aint ever gonna’ get me from 3:13 to 2:59 at boston. while some BAA teammates are throwing down 80-90 miles per week, my buddy pickle does half that (max) and still kicks everyone’s ass, so there’s hope for me. but for a legitimate shot at nailing a sub-3:00, i need to run at least 25-35 miles per week. a very ‘not so fun’ transition, this quest began at reach-the-beach (too much fun!) and will continue on sunday at the BAA half-marathon. (fun factor TBD)

luckily, there is one kind of transition coming soon that will be both fun and somewhat healthy: the run-bike-run transtion. as in duathlon! on oct. 26th, i am joining a crazy crew of my running and cycling friends to compete in the wrentham halloween duathlon. i was quite humbled at this race last year. climbing on the bike after running 3 miles is okay, but then running another 2 miles after a 12 mile time trial… it’s not easy. but if it were easy, it wouldn’t be any fun, nor would it be very healthy. and best of all, i’m racing with a bunch of good friends. so bring on the run-bike-run!

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