boston runner

a cyclist who swears he'll someday run boston in under 3 hours.

Joe Paterno and the Boston Marathon

Penn State’s proudest, Joe Paterno and his wife Sue, are coaching a team of Happy Valley runners training for the Boston Marathon.

While a junior at Penn State, I rode my mtn. bike past JoePa’s home every day on my way to and from campus. One fall morning, while riding through the woods nearby, I nearly slammed into someone on the trail. HOLY SHIT, it’s JoePa! I was speechless; he just laughed. “Hello, lad! Have a great day!” he quipped, while moving off the trail so I could pass. “Thanks JoePa, you too.”

No matter how late I was for class, I never rode through those woods that fast again. Just imagine if I’d taken him out? Penn State was ranked #7 that year. I would’ve been chased outta’ town.

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